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4490 S. State St.

Specialized Taxidermy Products

Shop a complete line of specialized wild animal taxidermy mounts, rugs, horns, and more at White Mountain Trading Post. We carry a wide selection of small and large animal taxidermy to enhance the decor in your living or working space.


You can expect to find quality wildlife products at great prices when you browse our gift shop. While you are getting gas or grabbing a snack to-go at our convenience store, browse the gift shop and purchase wildlife products to add to your at home collection.

  • Jackalope

  • Mountain lion

  • Coyote

  • Bobcat

  • Artic fox

  • Red fox

  • Grey fox

  • Bear

  • Wolf

  • Skunk

  • Racoon

  • Lynx

  • Buffalo

  • Hides

  • Shoulder mounts

  • Hide (fireplace) rugs

A wide selection of wild animal collectors